Planned Maintenance & Voids

We can carry out a wide range of planned maintenance and refurbishment works for properties across South Wales, including void property maintenance. Our services can include everything from simple bathroom and kitchen replacements to large-scale refurbishment projects. We are a multi-skilled and experienced team who take pride in offering quality work and delivering this on-time and to the highest standards, while also minimising any disruption to residents as well as the public.

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Property Maintenance Works

Our services include:

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Void Property Services

We can provide complete solutions to our clients who require maintenance works for empty and vacant properties. Our team understand the importance of reducing key-to-key turnaround time for repairing and restoring these properties for future occupiers. Our services range from basic clean-ups and lock changes to major refurbishments that include full property inspections, surveys and safety checks.

As well as this, we can also provide emergency boarding and glazing services for any damaged or vandalised areas of your property to ensure its safety before the restoration work can start.

We are available 24/7 and offer a fast response to emergency call-outs.

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